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Identifying and locating low cost RFID transponders

"A new identification technology"

"Better than a tape measure!"

RFID-radar represents a major technical development in the technology of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).
RFID-radar now adds location information to the identity information that was provided by previous RFID equipment.

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White paper on measurement accuracy of RFID-radar
White paper on accuracy of RFID-radar being used to detect small movements in structures at long ranges

Test results showing spread over 14400 readings

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Sample data showing data dump over 10 minutes

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Datasheet - Long range stick Tags (25 to 30 meter)
Datasheet - Long range claymore Tags (>40 meters)
Datasheet - Long range Stubby BAT Tags (40 meters)(new)

Datasheet for 200uW Credit card sized tags

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22 June 2015 RFID controls unmanned heavy vehicles

11 August 2014 Development of new range of transponders for RFID-radar

11 August 2014 Using RFID-radar to steer robots

28 April 2014 New rules regarding the transport of Lithium batteries

13 November 2013 Cellid - new form of low cost global asset tracking

6 June 2013 Tracking nuclear waste containers

27 March 2013 Choosing the correct RFID operating frequency

5 February 2013 Linking Android tablets to RFID readers

2 October 2012 Manufacturing costs of a very low cost transponder

3 July 2012 Radar measurements under computer monitoring

28 Nov 2011 How good is the radar range measuring ability

31 May 2011 Recent applications - Movement of structures

31 May 2011 Recent applications - Monitoring the sagging of power lines

7 May 2011 Updated brochure available

4 December 2009 New SURVEY mode added to RFID-radar

26 May 2009 Huge increase in performance for transponders on metal

24 April 2009 Development directions for RFID

9 Sept 2008 Future advancements in RFID applications

5 Feb 2008 Using RFID-radar to detect small movements in structures at long distances

1 Sept 2007 Monitoring for slight physical movement of large civil structures (bridges/buildings) continuously-

11 June 2007 New product- Ultra low power credit card like tag for 40 meter range

6 May 2007 24 volt DC kit for readers and radar

2 April 2007 Making RFID into a productive technology.

6 February 2007 Trying to fit many users into a small slice of the radio spectrum

2 January 2007 FREE White paper on RF spectrum use by different RFID air protocols - Burning up the limited spectrum

19 December 2006 RF spectrum of energising signal showing why these products generate such low levels of interference

22 November 2006 How does RFID-radar measure distance accurately

10 November 2006 Sample data showing data dump over 10 minutes

28 August 2006 RFID-radar now supplied with Speed Kit

24 August 2006 RFID-radar now in use by clients in 13 countries.

1 July 2006 RFID-radar focuses development on tracking accurately moving objects

13 June 2006 RFID-radar achieves millimeter precision for monitoring movement

10 May 2006 RFID-radar morphs from experimental to commercial status

10 May 2006 Merging of RFID and RFID-radar technologies to become the future reader technology?

5 May 2006 - DSP version completed - Commercial and OEM versions of RFID-radar now available - accuracy improved to centimeter resolution and 0.2 degree angle resolution - Processor performance improved to 10000 range measurements on a field of 50 transponders per second.

17th April 2006 - Accuracy so good that Trolley Scan start using the trademark Better than a tape measure!

10th April 2006 - Paper on measurement accuracy of RFID-radar

15th March 2006 - First RFID-radar systems shipped to clients in Europe

31 January 2006 - Spectacular test results showing 14000 successive range measurements

17 January 2006 -- BREAKING NEWS -- Amazing FORTY NINE (49) meter range achieved with new LONG RANGE tag and standard reader

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If you are looking for conventional RFID systems, operating at UHF frequencies and offering long range (13 meters), passive, fast (300kph), multiple transponders (up to 700 in a zone), credit card sized transponders, low radio interference, able to operate in all countries of the world (already used in 45 countries), fixed and portable readers - then look at Trolley Scan at http://trolleyscan.com/
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RFID-radar is a development of Trolley Scan (Pty) Ltd (South Afica), one of the world's leading developers of UHF RFID technology.

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